Friday, April 24, 2009

Some of our favourites this week:

(top + bottom streetswalker, middle wardrobe-remix)

Amy: I love how tough the two girls are!! And the girl in the blue dress is just magically beautiful.

(Top: CopenhagenCycleChic, Middle:The Sartorialist, Bottom: FadTony)

Margarita: I love the green pants on the boy with his bicycle and the connections between your bike and what you wear. The flowers on the girl in the middle and all her beautiful spring colours work so well together. The boy on the bottom is just plain cute with the reds and greens paired with a bowtie (also, curly hair).
1st edition of Toronto style!
The impeccably-stylish creative duo known as fieldguided. Check out their shop too!

They are the most perfectly dressed couple possible.

Amy + Margarita

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fave weekly street style!

Amy says:
(hel-looks, facehunter, dam style)

Margarita says:(the sartorialist + copenhagen looks)

Aside from the common theme of smoking, which is rather sexy in these images, I really liked the layering of clothes and the bursts of colour. We should all wear more colours to break away from the cloudiness of some winter days.

Amy + Margarita
hello friends!

Welcome to Petits Animaux! Between updates of lovely vintage clothing to our store, we'll be posting our favourite street style, our mother's styles from the past, and bicycles, and beautiful things!

Amy is a bookbinder and works for Toronto Craft Alert and Brick! She likes tiny animals and Scandinavia.

Margarita is a maker of all kinds of beautiful things, like Russian villages made out of strings. She can be found riding her bike in the sunshine (or the snowstorm) and swimming in swimming holes.

Together we are Petits Animaux, based in Toronto.

Amy + Margarita